About us

Clean Data started when Patrick purchased the first P.C. in Santa Barbara OVER 30 years ago!.  The company got the name because we started by Cleaning computers!  Of course that was back in the day when Computers cost thousands of dollars, and keyboards cost hundreds!  The first PC we purchased had 32k of RAM, and 2- 5.25 inch floppy disks!  Times have changed!

Within a month it was realized that we were much more helpful working on computers, and making it so people could get more things done on them.  Computerland (one of the first computer stores in CA) realized that we could resolve problems and program items better and faster than they could, and more importantly figure out what their customers needed to help them out.  So they started recommending us.  We had no problem with this, as we do not sell items, though we often recommend, or purchase computer items for our customers.  As we do not resell, customers simply pay us back for what we purchase for them at our cost.  We charge for our time, so you know our advice is not based on kickbacks from hardware sales.  Therefore you KNOW we will not recommend things that are not appropriate, but that we might get a kickback on.

Owner Patrick Siefe is an avid traveler and has been all over the world.  Here he is with a tiger in Thailand!  Yes the tiger is live, not caged, and no guns or tranquilizers are used!